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Re: Balancing Factor: Resource Storage Limit

Originally Posted by HtSgtMAD View Post
Let try having no cap first, if it becomes a problem then it can be adjusted, quit trying to nerf crap that we don't really know all the particulars of yet.

the cap can always be added if its needed so lets give it chance
It may come capped already. Hard to say.

They may even do something like F2P get capped at 12,000, subscribers get capped at 15,000.

There are other ways they could balance it as well. Maybe there is no cap, but your resources drain any time your side doesn't have access to the resource. Maybe it never drains, but it costs 10x as much out of your reserves when your empire doesn't currently control any of the resource.

Higby has already stated that we will never have more than we know what to do with though, so that right there indicates some kind of limiting factor. It may not be a cap, but there is no way that statement would make sense if we could just endlessly stockpile resources to use freely whenever we wanted, regardless of what territory we controlled at the time.

As Malorn has pointed out as well, the whole reason a reward system like the resource economy was introduced is because the devs wanted to make sure that all territory would have tactical value of one kind or another. Even ignoring what Higby has said, it would make no sense to have players able to endlessly stockpile resources. The vets wouldn't care where they would be fighting, because they would probably have built up a healthy reserve a long time ago.

The only way you could have a completely uncapped system is if it took so long to collect resources that 90% of players were almost entirely depleted most of the time and you had to save up for a couple hours just to purchase a single vehicle.

That would just end up making players turtle with their vehicles, never wanting to put them in harms way.

Ideally, they will strike a good balance where you have at least some vested interest in avoiding having your vehicle blow up, while still be willing to take risks and push the battle lines forward. I don't think this balance will be possible if there isn't some method or another of preventing players from amassing millions of a resource.
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