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Re: Planetside 2 Needs Prone

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
I'd love to see your evidence for that claim.
Just search for BF and COD and Arma in the thread. Most of them are essentially describing they don't want some of the exploitable implementations. When I did my summary post for instance a lot of people were commenting on how they didn't want a diving prone or collision issues. (Feet going through a wall). However, other posts were simply stating "look at BF3 where you can back up into a wall. That would suck in Planetside 2" as an actual argument assuming that implementation.

It's fine to reference other games for what not to do and what to do, but we're seeing people going "if it's implemented, it will be implemented like X game, and that way doesn't work". We've had multiple posts now that referenced games where it did work well and added a lot to the game. I personally bring up BF2142 and the engineer class because the use of prone with the shield is something you don't see in any other game when it comes to player tactics. We're seeing part of it already in Planetside 2 where players are throwing down the mana turret for defense against players and utilizing the shield to protect themselves. Prone basically opens up a huge amount of gameplay tactics especially when dodging enemy fire. Something as simple as crouching behind a wall and realize you're getting shot and switching to prone to get out of the way gives players that added level of choice.

I've already seen a few places in the gameplay videos where prone would have been awesome to see. Especially on the flat roofs. Places where the natural cover isn't there and getting low would be a valid tactical advantage for players. That and the outdoor combat we saw already in the game in the rocks. (I have to assume most people are imagining all infantry combat will be in the bases. That wasn't the case in Planetside 1, and we'll see that during beta when the restrictions we saw at E3 are lifted).

Then we have these kind of posts which ignore the implementation all together in Planetside 2 and instead decide that Prone can't work in other games, so it can't work in Planetside 2:
Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
It just doesn't belong in a game like this. It'd be like adding prone to Tribes.
Also with how Basti just got refuted on every argument he brought up it's pretty clear the people against prone have no legitimate argument other than "We have crouch which will already be exploited to use cover. Players should be running out in the open, not sitting behind cover crouched or laying on the ground. This isn't a tactical game that would benefit from such player choices."

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