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Originally Posted by Stew View Post
ill say this have nothing to do with others games

Prone is a stand position

Not a game features

stand up

3 stand

it have nothing to do whith others games it only have to do with the caracter moovement and possibilitys

having the 3 stand position ad to the freedom of choice in How you can have different aproch to many situations

its like saying we will not implement Jump in planetside 2 because its not because jump in others game work thats it should be in planetside 2

rainbowsix series do not have jump

Jump should not be in planetside because people can bunny hump

remooving a feature instead of making it better isnt the way to go it always depend on how it will be implemented and how the mechanics will work

not been able to prone is the equivalent of not be able to jump it lead you to be incapacitate to perform some action thats can be crucial for your survive

for sure the game could work with or whiout it but thats not the point iam all for having more option and more freedoms afterall iam an NC
Rainbow six vegas doesn't have(and it's probably same for the rest of the series) jump because it doesn't even have platforming or barely any obstacles that you need to jump or climb over to progress. Planetside 2 would probably have the latter. Another example is mass effect. Did you need prone in that game? No. Did you need to jump in that game? No.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, you shouldn't really put something because it's in other games. An example of this other than the two above was a Max Payne 3 talkthrough I'd seen recently on youtube. Someone complained that dropping yourself in water automatically returns you in water and that's one thing uncharted 3 had over it. Another one replies that there is barely any water in the game other than that, so there is no point in swimming. You get the picture?

Edit: Also calling "master" Higby a starcraft fanatic is an insult? Watcha mean by that?!

Also, I never mean to insult you or anyone on this. My replies may have looked mean but I mean no harm. I'm just saying, there is no reason for it unless we've played the beta and it's a really needed feature. Zebra camo! Game is ruined without it. End of story.
Note: This user is joining the silent majority. Reserving judgement and posts for beta. SOOON.

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