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Re: Planetside 2 Needs Prone

Originally Posted by Retaliation View Post
Proneponents was a self indulgent pun.

First of all prone is a defensive posture by nature. To attack you have to advance. To advance you have to be able to move at a decent pace. Often crouch is at a borderline useful speed for crouching

that I doubt resident starcraft fanatic Matt Higby let slip by.
first insulting matt will change nothing

second i have to stop it rigth were you begin Prone isnt a defensive position prone is a stand position in the 3 primary position stand up,crouch, prone

you can be in a defense position while in a tower in a stand up position or in a crouch or prone position been on defense do not mean whats stand you will use !

3rd I personally use the prone to use the terrain as a cover in a run and guns playstyle and i play agressive and the prone possition help a lots to use some small object and debris as a cover to reload .. to heal myself .. etc.. the whole prone = camping base defense isnt true

if iam camped in a windows can i be prone ? NO i cant iam i in a defensive position ? yes since iam defending so yeah thats pretty much it
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