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Originally Posted by Sirisian View Post
Also with how Basti just got refuted on every argument he brought up it's pretty clear the people against prone have no legitimate argument other than "We have crouch which will already be exploited to use cover. Players should be running out in the open, not sitting behind cover crouched or laying on the ground. This isn't a tactical game that would benefit from such player choices."
Nope I for one don't, and I don't see any legitimate reasons for it either. It's purely a game design decision, because you can have a perfectly good system without prone and a perfectly good system with prone. Make that decision early and you can build the rest of the game around it easily enough, including offering sufficient cover for crouched players where cover is intended.

The only fact here is that implementing prone takes time, quite a lot of time. It means several new sets of animations and a whole new branch of collision testing to make sure you don't have peoples legs clipping through walls or rocks or ground. It's not a simple addition, it's a lot of work.
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