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Re: Planetside 2 Needs Prone

Originally Posted by Stew View Post
first insulting matt will change nothing

second i have to stop it rigth were you begin Prone isnt a defensive position prone is a stand position in the 3 primary position stand up,crouch, prone

you can be in a defense position while in a tower in a stand up position or in a crouch or prone position been on defense do not mean whats stand you will use !

3rd I personally use the prone to use the terrain as a cover in a run and guns playstyle and i play agressive and the prone possition help a lots to use some small object and debris as a cover to reload .. to heal myself .. etc.. the whole prone = camping base defense isnt true

if iam camped in a windows can i be prone ? NO i cant iam i in a defensive position ? yes since iam defending so yeah thats pretty much it
First of all if I was insulting Higby for being a Starcraft fanatic, it would look something like "Resident Starcraft and arthritis fanatic Matt Higby".

Second saying prone isn't position intended for defense is like saying giant tortoises make excellent fast attack helicopters.
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