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[VS] - [UMVS] Uni-Matrix VS - MILLER server

We are a Quality Outfit looking to recruit some new Members. UMVS is an objective-oriented outfit that was formed in Planetside 1 on the Werner Server in 2003. Started by a close group of friends, playing in a Spec Ops Squad style combat and taking on much larger forces with great success has been the style of the outfit now for over a decade.

We do take the gameplay serious in some aspects, but also have a lot of fun and are very friendly in the game. Squad-leaders can be very patient, and we have no problem helping out new players, and teaching them how to play the game, while still being successful and having fun.


First and foremost UMVS is team orientated, we squad together and support one another whether its getting the right mix of support and assault classes or vehicles. If you are a lone wolf type that does not enjoy squading up and participating in integrated team-play we are NOT the outfit for you.

UMVS uses Mumble for voice communication. You will need to log in to Mumble whenever you are running with the outfit. You do not need a mic, though having one is strongly encouraged. Also note that failing to set up your mic for push to talk or having a cheap old mic that crackles and gives feed back will not give a good first impression.

UMVS has a strict no-griefing policy; If you wander the warp gate randomly firing at team mates and flipping aircraft because you think its funny, this is not the outfit for you.

Contact us in game to squad up: Wicky, Shamrock, Nokus.

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