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Jobs differ from the public and private sector.

In the private sector, companies hire you because they feel that you will ultimately make more money for the company than they have to pay you. If you are very good at what you do, they will pay more for your services to keep you around, etc. If you think you deserve a raise, you ask for it. If the company disagrees with your assessment, you can either accept that fact or look for another company that is willing to do better. If you suck at what you do, you will be fired.

In the public sector, it's very different. The government hires you not to make money, but to do the assigned job in the most efficient manner at the least cost. If you are very efficient and can do the work of 2 people for less, you will likely be promoted. If you suck at what you do, you will probably still have the job because of all the PC and bureaucracy in the government. It's so hard for the government to get rid of poor workers that it costs the taxpayers more money to hire others, plus the lack of services. It think that's the bigger problem, especially in education. It's not competitive, because sucky teachers can't be fired, not that good ones aren't paid enough. And I think the poor education system in the USA has more to do with other things besides the quality of the teachers.

And Hamma is right. It's a mindset problem. People think they are entitled to a particular job as if it is their right to have it. That is not the case.

I've been to Europe many times. Yes, they get paid a lot and get a ton of vacation time. They also go on strike very often. My first visit to Amsterdam was rather unpleasant because the garbage collectors union went on strike and there were piles of garbage 10 ft high on every street corner. Stuff like that happens all the time it seems. WTG unions. Without unions, you could simply hire others that are willing to work for the advertised pay level with no disruption in services. Nobody is forcing anyone to work at a particular job. We have choices.

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