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Pay is dictated by how many people can do the job. Are you seriously saying that someone who cleans toilets should make the same money as, say, a rocket scientist? 99% of the population can clean toilets, so of course the pay will be low. 35k a year with a the summers off is a pretty good deal, actually. I lived off of 25k a year, working year-round, and could afford my own house. I managed my money and didn't bitch about it. Again, nobody is forcing you to be a teacher or a cop.
The same? I don't think anyone said that.

Enough to make a living? Yes, because it's a job that many can, but many don't want to do, plus the whole point of working is that you provide for yourself. Even if it's not an ambitious job.

When we look at the responsibility of teachers and the future of our next generations, then they got a very important job. More important than devising a new lens for an interstellar telescope? Perhaps yes, as they touch a lot more lives directly than a telescope ever will.

But I'd not want incompetents or zealots in charge of my kids teaching for instance. It should be possible to fire them, like anyone else.
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