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As mentioned this isn't a black and white issue as usual. The only union I know of in my life is the teaching assistants' union at my campus which meets once in a while to discuss pay and set contracts. I know one of the main leaders (just another TA student) who draws up the contracts and gets feedback for changes when discussing with the university. I would probably label them as a good union. They create honest systems in the contracts. For instance stuff like if they promise a person a TA they can't pull it before classes start which used to allowed and caused problems for students studying abroad here.

I'm neutral when it comes to unions. I'm not a member of the teaching assistants' union. I have wondered what it would be like without them. I imagine it would force people to draw up their own contracts with a lawyer, which I'd probably say few if anyone has the time to do. That or you sign the one the employer gives to you after reading it. The problem with the latter is if you find out something wasn't covered in it then you're out of luck. I guess that's where learning from experience comes into play.

I actually won't have to deal with unions as there aren't any for programmers as far as I know. For the jobs I've had I just negotiated the contract myself. (Which for CS fields isn't normally as complicated as it sounds. Remove stuff about them owning your personal code among other things).

I agree with the sentiment about public sector unions. There's a level of sanity that needs to employed there so it can't be exploited. What that level is, I have no idea.
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