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Originally Posted by ItsTheSheppy View Post
It would be nice if you and your Muslim neighbors could stop killing and hating each other long enough to work together to build a better and more functional society. You might find they'll be less focused on having their own country if they felt welcomed in yours. I'm speaking more to your government and your culture as a whole rather than to just you, mind. I don't imagine its your fault personally.

It's just such a waste of time, having two cultures of people living in such close proximity who hate each other because they have different invisible friends. It's depressing, and a major source for a lot of unnecessary conflict in that region.

I agree.

As an aside: Neither Christ...Nor Muhammad...would want this. They both taught tolerance and peace, something the modern religious don't really have much of a grasp on.

Jesus would go to Chik-Fil-A...and break bread with a married gay couple. Guaranteed. I'm not even joking either. All of this bullshit about "Well he's not like me...and he doesn't believe what I he's going to some imagined hell..." Is BS. I patently reject the King James Bible. Humans are We're all on the same why be hateful to each other? Why tell someone they're going to hell because they don't believe the same things you do, because a 2000 year old book says so? Do you think that a loving creator would banish someone to hell because they loved someone that a book says they shouldn't love? Rubbish. Unadulterated rubbish.

People are interpreting a book different ways...and telling gays they can't marry...or killing each other...etc...over an interpretation of a book.

If one believes in God/Allah...and what Christ/Muhammad said...then you should embrace your neighbor as your should rejoice in someone being in love and finding their soul they gay or not...

I myself believe in a higher power. I don't call it God...because that diminishes what it is for me. I don't subscribe to religion...because that is a shackle.

Live in peace...and embrace knowledge.

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