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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

1. Definitely agree snipers are just an annoyance right now, you can NEVER stand still as you'll instantly die, even when running to bases you'll find yourself head shot with nothing you can do to prevent it. And its even worse for TR/NC as the VS have the best starting sniper rifle so you see SO many of them, I hardly ever see infs as NC and can't honestly remember the last time I died to a TR sniper, but VS.. about half my deaths are to VS snipers since this buff.

2. The main problem I have with libs is the amount of power they have compared to the lack of teamwork they require, get 3 people and you can slaughter huge numbers of people with almost no effort, the only way to deal with them is to pull 3 skyguards and hope the lib pilot is a idiot, in which case they'll be sitting still farming at a very low altitude, smart ones however keep moving at the sky ceiling so you can hardly hit them and they get away easily while still bombarding an area. Basically the only counter to air is air right now as skyguards shots scatter way to much at extreme range.

3. Anything that makes population imbalance worse doesn't even need explaining as to why its bad...

4. They just seem bad at designing bases in general, they've got combined arms but most bases tanks get trapped outside doing nothing, those where they can help its a flat open area where they easily farm people.. theres no middle ground it seems.

5. As for lattices, I like being able to sneak behind a enemy BUT it shouldn't be too easy as it does make zerging very easy. Its a tough balancing act but honestly I think they should do anything that counters zergs first and foremost as its the main thing that makes the game un-fun. Theres nothing worse than fighting a ppa zerg of never ending explosions...

The saddest thing about PPA is its still going to be powerful as hell with half ammo but the VS are already claiming it will be the end of the PPA making it a worthless gun in attempts to stop it.. I'm surprised the devs listen to anything the VS say, they even keep trying to claim the magrider is the worse tank as if being able to hit max speed in seconds, strafe, and bypass walls is a bad ability...

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