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Question What are the actual advantages of Vanu?

I have been playing PS2 for some time but never all that seriously.
I started as Vanu then later tried NG and last TR.
I like to try out all the factions/classes available in games and not limiting my variety of choices and playstyles.

Frankly i do get the weapon/vehicle concept of NG and TR.
Personally NG reminds me of GDI and TR of NOD from Command and Conquer RTS series.

But i honestly do not understand the "theme" of Vanu weapons and vehicles, despite having read several threads and wikipedia articles that were possibly outdated as well as actually having played as Vanu and tested in VR map.

These are the unique bonuses or drawbacks of Vanu that i have noticed or read about, but i can not wrap my head around their concept/theme and overall reason to choose this faction:

Vanu unique fighter has a strange body shape and is better at hovering but not as fast/nimble as NG/TR unique fighters, as far as i understood (i am not a pilot, sadly).
Vanu unique MBTank again has a strange body shape and can swiftly hover but its turret can't turn without the body.
Vanu maxes have that +dmg and +move speed ability at the cost of taking more damage.
Vanu vehicle weapons tend to be similar to NG/TR except a few unique vehicle weapons that have seemingly bizarre gameplay mechanics.

Vanu infantry weapons are usually without bullet drop but that seems relevant only for long distance sniper rifles, yet strangely most Vanu long range snipers actually DO have bullet drop... so this entire bonus seems kinda niche and redundant?
I know a few mid-range Vanu snipers have that no bullet drop mechanic but i frankly did not like their lower damage.

Vanu anti vehicle (heavy) weapons are a bit weird compared to TR/NG, usually using lasers instead of rockets which makes them either better or worse depending on the battle situation.
Vanu infantry have access to some rather weird infantry weapons with unique firing or reloading behavior but as far as i could see those are not often used (or not popular).

Overall after playing, testing and reading about Vanu vehicles, infantry and weapons i am left without a clear understanding of their theme/concept.
Their vehicles prefer hover tech and biggest weapons are usually lasers/energy but they also have some drawbacks that can be quite severe depending on the situation.
Their infantry has a few weird weapons and that whole no-bullet-drop bonus on every weapon except the ones that could actually benefit from no bullet drop (long range snipers).

I don't understand what is the actual selling point of Vanu to choose them over TR/NG?
How could one summarize Vanu's weird, often penalizing, unique bonuses so that its easy to grasp their concept and advantages?
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