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Re: Higby resigning.. SOE dying? no.. that was not this intent. This is Duke.

Good to see that there is still passion in you for the game!

here is my thougth on the matter:
well, deep down inside, It is Planetside 1 we want rigth? we should make a move to ressurect that!

How? Social media and well organized, weekly event, posters, spam, youtube videos and twich streams! with a decent amount of spam and hype isnt it reasonable to imagine a 1000 players coming back for 1 nigth a week?

the game is free, and with internet speeds of today its not hard to download.
There must be PS1 vets in top positions in most of the PS2 outfits, if they could do theme evenings with PS1 gameplay and compete against other PS2 outfits there.

If one could get 1 nigth a week to have good pop and that becomes a regular thing, then suddenly it migth become 2 nigths a week etc. somehow get the snowball moving

Then the non vets will get to know all the stuff, like ANTs, LLUs, Defendable bases etc., that PS2 could have. Hopefully they will like it and there would be a bigger preassure on the devs to develop these things! (does this sound logical to you, I think it sounds a fair strategy) It is hard to get people excited about something they have never experienced!

I know I would be willing to participate in the promotion and organization of this sort of event! would you others?
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