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Re: Higby resigning.. SOE dying? no.. that was not this intent. This is Duke.


Player Respawn Attrition mechanics:
1. Bases have spawn tickets that will drain. Perhaps a small outpost would have a 1000 ticket reserve with a 20 per minute regeneration rate (200 per minute when the enemy is pushed away completely). Larger bases would have a larger reserve and larger in-combat regen rate. Thus - small numbers of players fighting won't strain the ticket reserves but when you have serious battles going, dying fast will drain the tickets. If the defenders don't win and push out, eventually their spawns will be reduced to a trickle as they have to wait for regen, or respawn at the nearest base back.

2. Same deal for sunderers - perhaps a standard uncerted sunderer could have 250 tickets, more as certed. Say, up to 400.

These attrition mechanics will prevent large fights from taking hours; it will prevent sunderers who sneaked into a hard to reach spot prior to the fighting from staying alive forever. Note: I didn't mention ANTs yet but that would be a way to replenish a base that's draining.

Vehicle Attrition/Resource Reform
1. Sunderers - bump that cost up to 300. Sunderers deployed by the defending faction can be spawned from, but share the ticket pool of the base they spawned from unless they leave the hex completely. Sunderers deployed by the attacking faction will be limited to the tickets they are certed for, but can be supplied by ANTs.
2. Cost for everything else- either leave as is and reduce the resource regain rate, or increase the costs. Enough that smashing enemy vehicles actually has a meaningful effect on how quickly they can respawn.
3. MAXes- remove revives, increase resistance to regular bullets, increase resistance to splash damage, reduce resistance to direct tank shell hits, reduce AI ability.

Note, I didn't talk about LLUs and other PS1 things that would be good, but just because I didn't want to put that much detail into this, not that they wouldn't be good to put in.

The game was really designed into a corner where there isn't much that can be done to turn this from a glorified deathmatch into a real war. Were that not so, we could talk about larger maps and space between bases, which would be a good change because right now, the majority of the game is spent either fighting to remove the enemy from your base walls, or throwing your body at a cap point/trying to find a position where your tank can shell the defenders to suppress them. Way too little of the game is fighting out in the open, and even when it does happen, the extremely fast resource regen and lack of attrition mechanics means that even if you do crush an enemy army in the open on your way in, it doesn't do much to reduce the mindless zerg-respawn defense they will put up at the base itself. Nevertheless, I think some attrition of this kind would at least be worth it.

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