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Re: Higby resigning.. SOE dying? no.. that was not this intent. This is Duke.

Originally Posted by Unspoken View Post
You, me and God know where they went wrong and I think more than anything it's a fear of changing the model for a very small dedicated population. Their profits will indeed diminish if the battlefield/casual players are infringed on by more in-depth mechanics.

The problem lies in the model and it's second release. Planetside 1 was also very similar to this at first and by the time they 'fixed' it (LLU's specifically alongside harsher punishment for death), the population had died, the game's engine became dated and it peaked.

With this, we have an adaptive engine, we have the ability to now reanalyze the data and can slowly (but STEADILY) incorporate small features into the game easily with the engine. Over a ten month period, we could definitely incorporate a sincerely deep meta-game that adapts to the current playerbase that is very similar to Planetside 1.

But will they do it? That's the million dollar question I've fought for years...
Well, no not exactly. The thing that irked me most was that PS2 learned the same lessons PS1 already learned, as if PS1 never happened... It was regressive and irresponsible. The CoD/BF monkeys don't need special catering, the whole point was to give them something new to bury in the backyard. But all PS2 did was increase the size of the map and forget it is supposed to be a strategic game first, arena shooter second.
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