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Re: New Patch Notes - Test Sever 13-06-13

Guess I will just condense my thoughts on this revive change in 1 post.

It was a worthless stat to begin with because it doesn't encourage good game play habits in a game that revolves around team work and taking objectives.

Unless they make the change retro-active or adjust KDR across the board then new players will have higher KDR stats than people that started at launch. If KDR was something you care about then it wouldn't help people that started at launch... it would over time, but not immediately. People that play with outfits or squads will have better KDRs over time than people that solo because they will be more readily able to get a medic revive. Which in turn makes the death stat pointless for people that actually care about it.

The new change could encourage other bad habits as well. Like allowing people to exploit it for stat padding. People waiting around for revives because they don't want the hit to their death stats instead of reviving in a safe location and re-joining the action. There will be a lot more bodies on the ground just waiting for medics to stroll by. Which in turn will reduce the amount of people in the push because they will be dead waiting for a medic... which isn't exactly what I would think SOE would be going for.

If they changed it so you had a revive timer so that if you stayed dead too long you would be forced to respawn at a spawn point. Then they are basically putting another bandage on the system that is broken while not really fixing the issue.

If they removed death tracking completely people would revive from medics in risky situations more often because they wouldn't have this number telling them they are doing poorly. People would tend to push the objective more because dying wouldn't impact their stats. Less people would be encouraged to hide in spawn rooms behind shields trying to kill enemies instead of pushing out to fight the enemy. I see more WIN coming from removing the death tracking all together than removing it IF you get a medic revive.

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