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Re: GOP polls down to... 24%? Has the time come?

Originally Posted by ChipMHazard View Post
If only. Doubt either parties are interested in sharing seats with a third party and will actively do whatever they can to prevent it.
Here's hoping that a third party does gain some seats.
It isn't so much the political parties as the elite establishment that controls both the Democrats and the establishment wing of the Republicans. These are the people that shut down the Occupy movement on the left, and seek to destroy the Tea Party movement on the right. They want politicians that represent the interests of this political/corporate elite and the central bankers above them, not the actual everyday Americans of their states/districts.

It isn't a third party that is needed (there already is one, the Libertarian Party), rather that the party system be removed altogether, and the Federal government be restrained in it's power closer back to what it was originally envisioned at the country's founding. The States need to gain back some of their independence and some States could also be broken up (like California). The United States were never meant to have a strong centralized government that dictates a one size fits all policy on all, the country is too politically and culturally diverse for that to ever work, let alone be desirable.

Also don't misinterpret the low approval ratings for the GOP. A principle reason for this isn't because they're not getting along with and obstructing the Obama administration, but rather because they're viewed as being too weak and not obstructing enough.

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