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Hi all

Hi,im a player of this game since 30 september,but i cant play correctly caused my low FPS so i stopped and recently i return to play with a new i3 computer that seems that i can play the game with 35 FPS,better than nothing.

Well i have a NC char with BR 23,usually i play infiltrator class,but recently i created a new TR char for the 1500 certs at BR 15. Im going to focus in infiltrator too,but stalker mode,or maybe i master my actual NC infiltrator spending some certs in stalker mode either.

I like to play as a lone wolf and i dont like orders,maybe clans need to have organisation but i recently joined a NC clan and the members said things like "take engineer for repair vehicles",when i only have mastered infiltrator and HA in the NC char.

And thats all i want to say about introductions forum,now i can post in other sections

PD: Seems that this forum was dead.

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