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Pilots over the skies of Hossin....

I was playing my Combat pilot when my outfit requested my assistance in area of the Acan base. I flew in at about 50 feet above tree tops. There was a huge battle happening. Too tell you the truth I didn't think I would even make it out alive to tell about this. We had captured the tower, but not the base. TR and NC were about the same number, from what I saw from the air. The TR Reavers and Squeetos had the air locked tight. I saw countless NC reavers blown apart. The odds were at least 2:1 if not 3:1.

Well there is a saying in the Navy, No Balls no Blue Chits. I pulled up and engaged on a target...a Reaver. I put about 50 to 75 rounds into it's hull and the pilot didn't even have time to Eject.
I was then followed by a Squeeto that had just saw his commrade blown apart and was taking fire from the right rear. I pulled up and did a figure 8 and ended up behind the pilot and made short work of him. I was about at 3/4s health and I landed and repaired and took off again. I was shooting piltos down left and right. I ended up nailing 8 Pilots out of the sky and 2 prowlers (they are TR's tank...looked like a moving box to me).

This was probably the most enjoyment I have ever had while playing an Online Game. I even got tells from the ground troops thanking me for not getting shot down and giving the enemy air support hell. Galaxies would come to drop on the tower and I would slam them with rockets and many time si got to watch as the galaxies would move away from tower and see there troops starting to drop and missing there landing spot.

But like all good things they must come to an end, I was finally shot down by 3 TR reaver pilots....and boy was it a dog fight. I took one pilot to about nill on his reaver and one to about half on his reaver...I didn't get to shoot the other one. I was shot down and then sent a tell Congradulating me on the fight and they told me they teamed up to get me specifically.

Makes me feel good the enemy would take enough time to see a good pilot and take him out of the air.

And one little thing...this was all done in one reaver I didn't die and get a new one..I just rearmed and repaired.

Now a question...When I shoot down a pilot and I notice he bails before his aircraft you guys let him live? I do....I never make another pass and unload rockets or machinegun fire into them as they fall.

I justthink of it as a common curtise I shot you down I know I was the better pilot...nothing more to proof.

What do you guys think?
Good to the last drop....
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