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Re: 2 tanks are better than 1

That two tanks beat one has been stated in what, 20 threads now since it was predicted over a year ago?

To your solutions, there are more and better alternatives:

1. No, wouldn't make sense: you could repair ALL but your own vehicle? Instead: A slower repair rate (while solo-repairing) would make more sense, since you can currently regularly even outrepair heavies as they have to go back for more ammo.
2. Switching gun control would be a start, typically the best solution is to not let the driver gun at all.
3. Is possible, but then that should be the case for every multi-crew vehicle as well to make it fair. Liberator and Galaxy would not be able to switch guns. This wouldn't be opposed by PS players, but it can be sorted by simply putting in a 2-3 second delay while switching as well as this would create lengthy vulnerability periods.
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