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Re: 9/27 Hotfix!!

Originally Posted by Hamma View Post
Ignorance is bliss.

This stuff has probably been done for ages and just now making it's way onto the servers. They stagger this stuff out because like it or not they must keep making money off the game.
Yeah, probably...

When you constantly add things to the shop but disregard easy to fix stuff (and the turret i mentioned is just the icing on the cake) the impression i get is "cash grab". And that is definetely not a good thing.
It's like adding and selling spoilers and unnecessary gadgets for a car that barely runs straight for a mile and constantly leaks oil.

Also defensive spawning seems to be broke now, atleast i don't get any defensive spawn options at all, just the ones in the near vicinity.

Edit: Weird, now sometimes i have defensive spawns avaible, sometimes i don't. o_0

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