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Re: The Issue of the 10%-20% Power Differentiation

Maybe they could go for a "mixed blessing" design type:

-Increased caliber (more damage, weapon kicks like a mule and is harder to control)
-Extended magazine (more ammo, heavier and harder to aim)
-Ammunition feed overdrive (faster RoF, weapon prone to random jams)
-Longer barrel (increased range, even heavier weapon)
and so on. You could use if you wanted all the mods at once, so you got a high damage, rapid firing, long distance firing weapon, but it would be horrible to fire even in short bursts, would jam randomly, slow you down while using it and so on...

Works with armor mods too (want more absorb? Sure, but you walk like a snail. Need increased protection from shrapnels? Lose some bullet resistance, and so on).
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