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Adding Vert. Grips to all Directive LMGs

It seems to me that all the LMGs in the game are much better with vert. grips. On some of them, they are almost nessicary. So why is it that the Directive guns, which are suppost to be amazing, arent allowed to have them? Just by allowing you to add them would be a BIG buff to the Butcher and Godsaw. The VS Beltugese should also have this option, so that its fair for all factions. This would make these weapons much more used. I have talked to people who have these weapons, and they agree that Vert. grips are vital to TR and NC weapons. Vert. grips are also allowed on EVERY non-direcvtive LMG for TR and NC, so why cant we have them on the Directive Versions?
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