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I know the size of the Infl. suit inventory!!

Stealth Saboteur: Carries a REK and four ACEs. Infiltration suit, of course.

We know that the Agile armor holds 9x9 and the Standard 6x9. We can only gues that the Inlf. suit is around 3x9 and the reinforced arounnd 12x9.

But 3x9 is not big enough to carry 4 ACEs unless they are the size of grenades (2x2), which I doesn't make sense.

ACE's are one shot items, much like medkits. Medkits are 2x4. Lets assume ACEs are also 2x4 (a better assumption than 2x2). That would mean that the IS inventory has to be 4x9 (or 8, but that doesn't make sense either).

We know the truth!! Now you can go ahead and show us a screenshot!!!
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