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this NC crap is hilarious,it was like that on Emmy too

I remember running N0 OUTFIT after we got tired of playing TR on Emmy,

we would look at the map and see a TR hack trying to crack open one locked cont and another VS hack cooking on another tactical trip wire,I would say something on /C and get fucking crickets because every damn one of those pussies were scared to death that it would be TRx and DT pulling these moves and they didn't want to get raped LOL

I would lay into those idiots while I had everyone in my toon recalling to sanc to hit the shortest timer first.

so we get to the first hack and sure as shit , its DT/TRx and a few friends that would run with them,so we fight our way into the spawn/gen,get shit repped and pull 3/4 maxes and we run up the stairs(I say stairs because these guys would hack tech plants,alot)just try to run them over until we got it or lost due to time ,remembering the whole time I have another damn hack cooking plus the travel-time to get there, the time budget was very tight

and the whole damn time the girls in /C would say shit like "7 minutes on Seth" and never leave the zerg they were hiding in.

so,say we got the first resecure,we now have >5 mins. to go clear out DT/TRx,we would pull the move all over again as fast as possible,without any help from the NC because those two outfits terrified them

it was the same way when they merged Markov and Emmy,the Markov NC weren't any better,all the good players had pretty much quit playing due to the CN fracturing the empire.

whats funny here is guys like Hippo,Angel,Top would whip your asses on any empire because it isn't the gun that makes the player,its the player that knows where to use that gun that makes it all deadly.

all these damn essays made me write this rambling mess,I have so many great stories about old school PS, I had some great rivals back in the day, the fights were epic.

anyway, much love to you old vets, we had some great fights


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