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Originally Posted by GodlessHeretic View Post
On that note, what exactly do i have to say to get Demo's attention? Tried asking him for a squad and he ignored me...
It might be due to no one knew your VS name? We get plenty of idiots that try to bother us, so often lots of people get ignored as a side effect.

Otherwise, it could be he just was busy at the moment. He tends to dislike typing if literally anything else is happening.

If all else fails: you can try being a young hot female brunette, he loves those.

Anyways, your best bet if I am online is to message me and be like "Ayo Angel, it's a me Godless. Invite please?". Okay, maybe don't need those exact words but something along those lines tends to work. I should be able to hook you up if I am not alt tabbed doing 'angel-like' things.

Edit: Though I am unsure how much we will be appearing in the future. As Diablo 3 just announced its keeping the legendary drop rate buff, which makes that game like twice as fun, so I may sink back into that (but I am unsure as its content is woefully lacking). Also that game Transistor has been calling my name for a bit now (Bastion was simply amazing), so I'ma grab that and probably enjoy that this weekend.

Demo been considering going back to WoW and so forth.

@Hehateme: I got banned from the official forums for responding to you calling me the cutest player with a gif.

For this image in case anyone missed it:

Seoyhun, apparently not as loved around the grim pits that is SOE.

"You have been banned for the following reason: Enacting a suspension due to continues abuse of the forum guidelines by way of spamming. User ignored a recent warning for the same infraction and then went on to post 3 more posts as spam. Gif images with no content.. "

I 'continues abuse'!

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