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Originally Posted by Hehateme View Post
ROFL I remember seeing that .gif and laughing out loud while in class. No content? That was a perfect reaction gif, fucking SOE "NO FUN ON THE FORUMS WHATSOEVER"

@godless I was gonna say befriend angel, that's what I did to get to demo's cool people club.

Of course, idk how hard it is to befriend angel, me mentioning I work in a liquor store seemed to work.
I was gonna not respond due to laziness, but eh.

Thank you, I thought it was quite a funny response. It's a shame they are so mental over there.

I am a pretty easy person to get along with I like to think. You just have to be able to handle my jokes. As a testament for my niceness: I started that DT+TRx thing (DTRX) which had some positive results despite short lived (SOE got hacked and it fell apart). I help support that DT+LMS thing which you can see in Alien's one video actually (I think LMS went back to NC and it stopped).

Just be nice to me and I'll be nice to you!
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