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[Connery] Execution

Execution [EXE] welcomes all loyal citizens of the glorious Terran Republic to our valiant struggle! We are one of the largest outfits, of any faction and any server, with 1000 members active weekly. We pride ourselves on the strength of our community and our dedication to having a damn good time, whatever that may entail to our extremely diverse membership.

We have something for everyone, from the famed Drunk and Air Divisions, to training sessions, highly organized small squads and weekly events. Ever wanted to see 120+ Galaxies make pancakes, run with an outfit-wide medic mob across Indar, experience the fabled migration of the Sky Whales, only to finish your day with a coordinated operation involving multiple platoons? Want to join a highly diverse community centered around PS2 but spreading into a ever-growing library of games? New to the game and want some tips in a welcoming environment?

If that sound like your cup of tea, then you're in luck- we're always recruiting. We have no age or skill requirements, but we are an adult-oriented outfit. Maturity is required.

We have only two rules:

Don't be a dick. No teamkilling, griefing, harassing, cheating, or any of that antisocial nonsense.

Obey orders in squad. Participation in outfit shenanigans is always voluntary, but if you do you must be following orders!

If you want to join up, send a tell to any [EXE] member in-game and hit up the recruitment forum of

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