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Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
You had zero argument whatsoever from the start. I made a long argument/point with 5 examples. You came up with a nonargument to coax me to argue with myself, without you providing any counterargument or counterexample. This is a common trap, trickery and logical fallacy that's took me a couple seconds to see (there's even a term for this, but it escape me atm).

So I simply turned around these 'sources' and 'data' question of yours to show that these phantom 'source' or 'data' is no reason for rebuttal since that would mean I would be just debating myself.

I gave you these two easy outs and yet you still want to weasel out of it by accusing me of being not 'objective'. But I know that's another bluff since it would be impossible for you to list a criteria of being objective without proving me right or proving yourself wrong.

Do you really expect me to compare and contrast my points to these unrealistic, nonexistent 'sources' and 'data'? You've foisted up these psuedo-strawmen argument yourself in the first place, that's because you have no conterarguments or counterexamples at all.
So you admit that I proposed no argument, but ask me to provide evidence to support this non-existent argument anyway?

Basically, you tried to promote your thread as having objective merit rather than being merely your opinion on some balance mechanics, and now you're upset because by asking you to provide evidence to support your assertions, I've exposed how baseless your claims really are. Okay.

Trying to paint the situation as me having some kind of secret personal hard-on for you is flattering, but inaccurate. You're not nearly interesting enough of a person to warrant "trapping" into an argument, to be honest. There are more interesting, and seemingly more capable posters on this forum for me to engage in discussion, and in fact by this point I'm mostly just responding to you out of obligation- you've already conceded that your arguments are based on nothing more than personal sentiments, so there's no point left for me to make.

In short, calm your tits.

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
You never over-simplify things, do you?

Instant death (coming from all directions) means there's no actual dueling time, at all.

Do you remember how much people enjoyed the Flail in PS1?

People expect a kill on them to take effort. Skill. If all it takes is you popping your head out for a second, then they don't perceive this as skill, but as the game doing the killing for you(r opponent). Thus it's boring.

There is no chance for tension to built up. No chance for adrenaline to start pumping. When I was in a firefight in PS1, my blood was pumping, I was using my brain to seek the best cover, the best timing. Every option to turn it into a win in those few seconds you got.

If you get no seconds, that entire process is just not there, you just sit there "oh". And people don't like to just sit somewhere going "oh" and having to run all the way to somewhere distant (say up a 240m cliff) again, just to be instantly killed, again. It's boring.

So what you need to do, is ensure people, even those new to the game get into firefights that last long enough for them to feel they've done something or had a chance to do something.

Who enters a lottery where you know you're probably going to lose?
I think we're on the same page, though for different reasons. Coming from a Call of Duty/Battlefield background, I don't mind the twitch/split-second mechanics of the game. As an avid Halo player I recognize the fun of dueling, but I don't know if raising the TTK to the point where that could be viable would work in this game- keep in mind that this game operates on a much larger scale than its predecessor. There are a lot more players on the field at one time, and having higher TTK could potentially make defensive play even harder.

But I do still support raising the overall TTK of the game, primarily because the current situation is proving to make it very difficult to balance weapons. The range between "low damage" and "high damage" is too small, which is why we're seeing the constant fluctuation of damage output from vehicles, with them being repeatedly buffed and nerfed.

I'm also of the opinion that NC have the worst guns in the game- or at the very least the most inconsistent- and I think that the game's low TTK threshold has a lot to do with that. NC's guns are supposed to be the hardest hitting in exchange for low clip sizes and shit accuracy, but because of how low the TTK is, they can only make them so strong without turning them into basically OSK guns. As a result the difference in damage between them and VS/TR guns isn't that drastic, so the NC's main advantage is mitigated. Raising the TTK would allow the devs to raise the amount of damage that NC guns do without making them overpowered.

That's a bit of a tangent, though. To focus back on sniper rifles, I support the idea of OSK head-shots because it's the only way for bolt action rifles to really be useful. Even if they still took away like 99% of a character's health per shot, meaning a guaranteed kill on already hurt players, that's still a role that a semi-auto rifle could perform better. The only notable advantage bolt-actions have over semi-autos is their ability to OSK. Being more accurate and having longer range is nice, but again without the ability to instantly kill a target those advantages are rather useless, because if an opponent is so far away that a semi-auto can't be used, chances are they'll also have full health, meaning you won't kill them with that one shot. Once they get hit, and survive, any player that isn't mentally impaired will easily be able to dart behind cover or zig-zag around in the time it takes you to re-chamber another shot, account for bullet drop and squeeze off another shot.

So in short, while I wouldn't mind seeing headshots be taken away from all the normal guns and even semi-auto rifles, I think that they're a necessary component for bolt-actions. As far as "skill", I'd posit that it takes a lot more skill to headshot someone from 200 meters away with a bolt-action rifle than it does to mow them down with an LMG at 20. That might not be the type of skill some players appreciate, but it's still skill. Being a sniper isn't as easy as their victims would assert.

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