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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by EnderVS View Post
I think the difference is pretty clear cut and the situations are not even remotely the same. Mattherson's air elite have formed their own outfits that are basically called something else across the different factions, connery's air elite have not done this, they are not on the same team day in day out because they aren't in the same "group" of gamers as TGWW/QRY/N are. The group of gamers that are generally on the same TS nightly as well.

Comparing the best vs the best isn't relevant here and to bring it up is just reaching for anything at this point. Like I said, Mattherson's air elite do play together in the same squads nightly, Connery's don't. For whatever reason that's just how it evolved on Mattherson.
Personally i don't think the differences are clear cut at all. In fact the status of TGWW/QRY is only obvious to those who know about those players, and certainly wouldn't be obvious to players on another server.

For example, how are mattherson players to know what the elite pilots on Connery actually do, what alts they have, and who the fly with? More importantly, why would most players make the effort to acquire that information.

The 7 day rule is the best thing that can be done. It sanctions the use or ringers and removes responsibility for regulation of rules on the part of RCCC, while giving spectors a better chances of seeing the best players play. Besides, its not like all the top outfits aren't going out of their way to recruit the best players possible, and there are plenty of outfits that are already going to refuse to take part in RCCCs against the top outfits unless they can bring in outside help.

Originally Posted by EnderVS View Post
It wouldn't have been 48v48 then, how does RCCC go about pairing outfits up that are similar level. It's not really that feasible and its more up to the outfits to bring their A-Game.
That is the larger point. The more all the best players are gathered into single teams, the less competition is available, and the less likely a competitive PS2 scene with longevity will emerge. This isn't a 4v4 halo or COD competitive scene. Right now there are maybe 3-4 potential top teams imho, and then everyone else who simply can not compete. Taking mattherson for example, there is simply no one left to bring an A-game in the air besides TGWW/QRY, and those that potentially could have are losing top skilled members to TGWW/QRY. Its not like PS2 has a noticeably growing player-base, and while i'm excited to see what optimization can bring, there are many hurdles that PS2 will have to cross in order to keep growing. Just this week alone is a hurdle in the form of BF4.

So when it comes to an RCCC like this, you either let it be server vs server and bring whoever you can, or you strictly enforce outfit rules (and that is not possible). Doing something in between results in what happened during the last RCCC, and one sided route that was, personally speaking, only enjoyable because its a chance to look at the new Nexus.

I already said it in this thread, but as I see it, the MLG score/$ value on the DA site being in initial basis for salary capping teams is the best chance PS2 has of becoming MLG viable. But hey, maybe the 3-4 teams that do become MLG viable can just have alts and pretend to be a completly different team and a full 8 team league can happen

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