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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Dreadnaut View Post
I agree with you 100%, yet we all had the same issues to deal with. No one had the use of squad deploy or beacons and to hear people complain about not having that worked both ways. I wish squad deploy and beacons had been working but once we were told beacons would not work, we made a game plan based off of that information (Liberators certing Ejection seat, etc). When we were told 60 minutes prior to the match that beacons would in fact work, I voted to not use them based on our new plan that we put in place. To revert to an old plan with less than an hours notice wasn't something I was at all interested in doing.

We came up with a plan and it worked based on the current rule set and the map. Our plan just worked out better than your plan, that's all. I don't think any less of MERC/TxR for losing a silly scrim, we just happen to have won that night.

Elaborate plans will always fail and the K.I.S.S. principle will always be the best option. That was our super secret plan, "Keep It Simple Stupid". As I stated before, it was literally, "Kill SNAFU first, Kill NAPOOPAN second, kill MAGNIFISCENT third, then focus fire everyone else. Be very very aggressive at the start. Be smart, listen to Nate, otherwise don't speak. Listen for the Sunderer strike calls...spawn points win matches, DO NOT let the enemy spawn, force resource drain, whatever it takes, DO NOT let a Sunderer live."

I don't believe that having beacons or squad deploy would have had any different effect on the outcome of the match, but that's just coming from the confidence level in my guys.

What we know after this match:
  • Resources need to be replenished at 1/2 time. Absolutely no reason to punish a team in round 2 for having a bad round 1.
  • All resource gain should be MUCH higher so people aren't stranded so early on
Yeah, I'd imagine the liberator with Ejection seat to be a very valid tactic.

Galaxies will not be as useful in nexus. They are too easy to hit and to spot. And if you lose one, you're 12 guys down. If you lose one lib, you're only 2 or 3 down.

Heck, I don't even think sunderers are very useful. Once beacons and squad deploy are working, that'll be the most important way to get people back into the fight, and that is ONLY when you're desperate, as medics and engineers will be incredibly important for the attackers. Relying on a sunderer can be a very easy way to get removed. Sticking together with medics, is what I recommend.

If you rush with mossies, you're even harder to kill, but coordinating people to drop properly with just mossies is not easy.

I hope they put in closer hackable spawn points near the major objectives. I haven't looked too closely at Nexus... are their camps/towers near the enemy bases?

Until then, strategy is going to rely on getting to the target with as many people as possible, and keeping them alive without the use of a hard spawn. Not easy for an attacker to do. Relying on a hard spawn is a poor choice, namely because it can be easily killed.. and if you don't have the tenacity to hold a base without the use of a hardspawn, the defenders are probably good enough/strong enough to take it back anyways.

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