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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Dreadnaut View Post
I'm slowly starting to lose my desire to be polite when I read things like this. No need to be snippy with me when your members are the ones that started this completely asinine TGWW bashing. I'll post as I see fit, I retract my previous statement. Now you sir have my 100% undivided attention.

Private conversations don't deserve to be kept private when your member is openly lying on a public forum and the only way for us to contradict those statements is to prove we know otherwise. We didn't steal anything, we didn't do anything wrong, we just proved your member was lying and it wasn't heresay.

No need for you to get on your horse when your members are the ones responsible for all the bickering back and forth.
Proved he was lying??? You must mean me.What was I lying about?I did speculate that you guys went to hossin at half time, but i never accused you of it ,because I wasn't sure.Knowing what I know now,I know you didn't. From what I gathered from the QRY forum you just brought in a bunch of alts at halftime with max resources. Again not against the rules, but against the intent of the rule.

As for the intent of these rules. I think you will see most outfits have a clear understanding of these rules and wont be inviting all the ringers on their server when they show up at CC. But there are always be a few that will take it upon themselves to take advantage of the intent of these rules.That being said we now know what to expect when a matherson outfit is on CC.

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