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Re: Influence of continuous polls: should polling be banned during election campaigns

Just polling?

EDIT: let me amend this to say...fair polling. As has been shown in US political polls...they will say...Obama up by 5% then when you look at who they polled it will be something like...45% Democrats, 30% Republicans, 25% undecided. But they wont report that part, you have to go dig it out yourself.


Political commentary by the news media that is lopsided....yep. It's how we got obama. There used to be a video on youtube...which magically disapppeared which had a pollster interviewing people after they voted. he was asking questions like....Are you for or against X. And lastly who they voted for. Many of them were for McCain's stance on X, but voted for Obama. They also attributed Tina Fey's remarks as actual quotes of Sarah Palin, the whole...I can see russia from my house. Which isnt what she said, she said you can see Russia from parts of Alaska..which is a fact.

There was also studies done that showed news agencies were running as much a 3 to 1 positive stories about Obama and negative stories about McCain. The Media is supposed to be unbiased, but it has been proven over and over that they are not.

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