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Re: Influence of continuous polls: should polling be banned during election campaigns

McCain and Palin made a mess of their own election. Palin in particular simply isn't smart enough. You can't go 2 to 2 positive if your competition simply is brighter. And regardless of how you want to frame it, the dems were significantly brighter. It's like expecting Bachmann to make sense for more than half a minute and then only expecting that half minute to ever make the news.

The Tina Fey quote isn't the one we found so damaging in Europe (funny though), it's that you talk about Russia being a neighbour (fine!), but then going on to say it is her personal "foreign experience", even if she never personally dealt with Russia on any matter. That's just a lie and nothing more. Similarly, bringing up a "trip to ireland" (a refueling stopover in Shannon airport for aircraft flying between the US and the middle east). Then that just invites ridicule, had she just limited it to her destination, ok. No, she went to say she had "international experience", where one indicates foreign diplomacy experience or at least knowledge of the outside world. And she did that sort of thing all the time. She was an incredibly incompetent runner up and she just made one booboo after the next. McCain with a different runner-up could have made a difference then, but a big maybe.

But if you look at your other GOP candidates, the ones being unfair are not the media, it's themselves:

Anyway. Polls. I certainly agree with you that polls are constantly being manipulated and abused, particularly by people with an agenda and unfortunately, most media and journalists can't see their job loose from their personal opinion.
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