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"Confirmation" crosshair/circle

Simple - do you want to see "confirmation" crosshairs or circles in PS2?

This can only be undesirable if PlanetSide 2 doesn't show a crosshair for weapons fired from the hip, forcing you to use the iron sights.
With "confirmation" crosshair, you get "free" aim assist if you happen to hit someone, letting you aim the rest of your shots better. It's kind of cheating, if there is no crosshair by default.

It could also be used to pinpoint enemies hiding in foliage or smoke, which is kind of lame.

On the other hand, it helps people learn how to use their weapons at range, especially since bullets don't hit instantly and fall over distance. This is extra-relevant for snipers.

Any thoughts? Most of you would probably want this, since it was present in PS1, I suppose. Personally, I dunno which I find more desirable.
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