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Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

Originally Posted by Vancha View Post
I think it should definitely depend on the weapon. I agree it should be removed thumpers (and any other spammable indirect fire weapons), but for sniping it was much appreciated in both PS and BF2142.

It could probably be removed for shotguns as well, maybe lashers too? I could certainly see the use of it for MCGs and rifles though.
Why start cherry picking which weapons get a hit marker?

While I can see the logic of not having it on something like a thumper, in practice, do you see people doing this in PS1 now? I don't think I've ever seen anyone just running around outside, spamming a thumper all over looking for badguys. That gun can draw so much attention, if you tried that tactic, you'd get taken out pretty quickly.

The only time I think I've seen anything even remotely like that is when somebody is camping stairs in a tower, and even then it's more to get kills than find bad guys.
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