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Re: "Confirmation" crosshair/circle

Originally Posted by Raymac View Post
Why start cherry picking which weapons get a hit marker?

The only time I think I've seen anything even remotely like that is when somebody is camping stairs in a tower, and even then it's more to get kills than find bad guys.
Right, I'm thinking of people who spam thumpers all day indoors, though there could be a better solution to that.

Like someone said higher up, hit indicators could be considered an aiming aid as much as anything useful. I suppose it depends how hard it is to lead targets in PS2...

Originally Posted by JanitOr KanOs View Post
I realize that. Sometimes you don't kill things on a bombing run, there's not always a lot of radar coverage of enemy troops. I'd just like to know if I'm hitting anything at all or if I'm like the bombers in WWII bombing fields of cows instead of enemy targets.
Ah I see, I completely misunderstood your problem. Still, isn't that what the the gunner cam is for? So you can see what your bomber's hitting?

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