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Smile Dash Jets (not what you think)

Light assault is getting kind of old now, the only truly worthwhile ability being high rank jump jets (drifters aren't terrible, its just that jump jets are still superior in most regards).

What if you could trade vertical movement for horizontal movement? Drifters, right? Well, here is what I am proposing:

Dash Jets are used up in 0.5 seconds, moving the user 10 meters in whichever direction they face. They recharge in 10 seconds on lowest rank (100 C), 6 seconds on max rank (500 C). Activated by tapping the ability key [F].

The purpose of these is to provide the close quarters mobility that light assaults desperately need in order to be competitive against medics, heavies and maxes. If you get down to low health, you can attempt to escape, or if you want to get the surprise on someone, dash up to them. This will definitely spice up LA gameplay.

So what do you think? Is it overpowered (hint: it isn't), underpowered, pointless, or awesome?
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