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20r Gaming Emerald

Outfit: [LBTY] 20r on NC, [SMOY] Smooly Division on VS, [20r] LBTY on TR
Server: Emerald
Faction: All 3, mainly NC and VS
Ops Timezones: Main ops night is every Monday & Wednesday at 7:00pm EST. (casual squads throughout the week) (TO BE UPDATED)
Specialization: Infantry, pointholds, fast redeploys.
Contacts: @GravityLaw, @[20r] MistaLeo.


20r Gaming is a gaming community established in 2014, and that now has a presence across a multitude of games, including Planetside 2.

We are currently looking for players from a wide range of skill levels in Planetside 2; if you’re active and willing to improve, 20r is the place for you.

What we’ll offer you upon joining:

Organized play, weekly trainings, scrims, and bastion pulls organised by dedicated staff

Experienced players that are dedicated to coach new people

Opportunity to play multiple games across a community of 5000+ members

And more…

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions about 20r Gaming!

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