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One idea I think would work for shields is you would have two paths: the long term weak but regenerating shield, and a short acting but powerful get out of jail free card shield. Both would be mutually exclusive, and would give different play styles to the vehicles: one allows you to have 5 seconds of indestructableness for crashing the front line but doesn't allow for as much long term staying power, and the other allows you to (carefully) absorb lots of little hits over time. The main difference is these shields would come from a unit onboard the vehicle, rather than an AMP station SOI.
I really don't like to see any kind of I'm invincible kind of shields. Instead I suggest having a slow recharging high capacity shield and a fast recharging low capacity shield. If installing shields as an upgrade will also have disadvantages as needing to sacrifice armor (less vehicle hit points) or add extra weight poorer vehicle handling/slower top speed might balance things out better instead of making a vehicle stronger with out any drawbacks.

Nevertheless, having vehicle shields as an upgrade and there for cost resources and require skill/certification I find better than an AMP facility giving shields to all vehicles.
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