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Re: Adenn's easy to understand TR LMG Analysis

Originally Posted by CraazyCanuck View Post
As a VS going LMG vs LMG using Orion or even the NS 15M - against NC the SAW is my bane - TR its very close Rhino and then the TMG.

I don't see the GD-22s very often. IMO it's under utilized. When playing my NC, I usually run with it over the SAW.
Well, the VS standard LMG is a pretty big effing deal.

I was standing on top of the building on Haven Outpost. A VS heavy comes out of the spawn. But that's okay, I have my T5 AMC fully certed into for longrange battles, I should be good. I start landing shots on him. He stands on the bridge, uncertain. Then he turns around and wrecks my ass in one second flat. No attachments, no nothing. He probably didn't even Burstfire. What the hell is up with that.
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