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Originally Posted by KesTro View Post
I still can't believe how anyone thinks the SAW is bad. Is it the gun to be all and end all? No, but it definitely has it place and to say otherwise is 'madness'! Med-Long I can stand up to if not beat other players with the SAW. Even in CQC it's not a bad gun although it noticabley begins to underperform compared to others. So long as you get the jump on someone chances are you'll win with your 5 shot TTK.

Now I understand you hatred towards the vanu and TR, they are rather skilled in the ways of Forumside. However it's not like we don't have our niche in game, play to your strengths. Problem solved. There will come a day when the NC spotlight shall return. Likely after the flamethrowers make their sales hah.
I admit the SAW is good at long to med range, I set mine up to be a sniper gun but the recoil and low rof means its just not as good as any other LMG in CQC. I've tried playing the TR and VS heavy and their guns I find infinitely easier to use and get a lot more kills with. The orion cos it has no bullet drop and is fast as hell with great hip fire accuracy, the TR carv just because its like the SAW but with better hip fire and more dps.

The carv is pretty much the SAW but for close range combat cos its not got the range but it does more damage.

And as was said this game is all about CQC, if I want to snipe generally I'll use a phoenix or switch to a infiltrator. As I said I kitted out the SAW for long range battle but I barely ever use it cos of those reasons I just gave and cos the recoil makes it almost impossible to use, iv got all the certs to reduce the recoil but at long range you literally need to fire 1 shot bursts cos otherwise you wont hit anything with it. If you're doing that you may as well use a sniper rifle.

And yes the VS and TR are skilled in the art of forumside, get so annoyed cos its obvious they are either just lying through their teeth or have never played a NC heavy with the SAW, cos everybody who has and has tried the VS and TR starter LMG will tell you those guns are better at close range (even mid I'd say I prefer the orion at least). You cannot hip fire the SAW the orion even without the laser sight works, when you get that you dont need to use ADS ever again cos its so accurate. Combine that with its speed lack of bullet drop and almost no recoil and you have a terrifying gun.

The most annoying thing is they quote stats from that planetsid2stats website and act as if that means something despite those stats including all data from the entire history of the game thus being completely irrelevant. I just wish they would TRY to help make the game balance instead of instead keeping up with this inside joke they seem to have to make the NC the most underpowered thing in the history of gaming, the SAW is a joke our MAX is a joke and they are trying damn hard to get the vanguard nerfed so its a joke as well. god knows what they will do next, perhaps claim all NC players have 1000 health more than other factions so all NC players should have that 1000 health removed to make it fair.
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