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Arrow Gameplay: "Highlight" key binding

One thing I always wished for in PS1 was integration with external tools that affect the player, particularly for voice-comms. For example, highlighting a player's name in the overhead squad bar when he presses the PTT for speaking in some external program.

While actually integrating is difficult, creating a "highlight player" keybind sounds relatively straightforward. Then the user may simply bind the same key he uses in the external program and violla - instant highlight.

I figured this can be taken another step and allow users to bind different highlight colors to different keys so (for example) I'd bind the same key "fire weapon" is bound to so that it highlights myself when I fire so that squad leaders can instantly tell who is engaged and who isn't.

Another possible step is to take this highlighting outside of the squad bar and place icons above players' heads, flash map location indicators for the players ... etc.

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