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Re: ReachCast Community Question #70 - "If you were John Smedley and you were making.

Hi Reachcast. I listen every week and really enjoy the feel of the show. Its supportive without being blind to problems like so many podcasts out there, As long as you keep making them i'll keep listening.

1. Inter-cont lattice bridged by nexus possibly. I'm tired of fights like quartz ridge all the time. I want fights to be pushed onto different conts maybe for the whole weekend.

2. Some sort of new player experience. I'm not sure whats being suggested. People need to be helped into outfits for definite. Maybe new players should be flagged up to outfit officers that want to help or something.

3. More attempts to remove spawn camping. The new amp station is a definite improvement, i've had some amazing fights there. Unfortunately I was at a 50/50% pop fight there yesterday and it was still a camp. Part of the problem is organisation. How do you get people to break out of there.

p.s . I am not really sure why resource revamp is so desperate. I know that it sucks to be warpgate locked and no resources coming in, is that about the size of it?
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