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Re: [PSA] What are your top 3 bases or outposts in PlanetSide 2?

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Really, so people with low K/D automatically have invalid arguments on that topic? That's one way to make a community hostile. What about medics and max engineers? They probably die a lot more than they kill in those fights, and yet without them the whole defense falls apart. Its not even a battle of attrition, there are no tickets or limited lives. Bio-labs are fights where the winner is that one with superior numbers, more maxes, and more bullets (lazers?) in the air. Its simply a human wave. Attrition implies that the enemy can be worn down by significant losses.

Whether or not an argument is valid, don't tell someone their argument is invalid because of their stats. Lets not get the COD mentality going.
you have never take a bio lab with less numbers than the defenders???????what server are you playing on?helll ive been to 48+ nc vs 48+ VS and came in with 48 tr and have taken it from both the vs and nc. we use to goto biolabs and hold the gen room for hours even if we didnt have a link to it.just to pissss on the vs and i said run with a good outfit and it will open your eyes.
we dont drop on a base unless we are outnumbered,cant see playing this game any other way.

i see your from connery, lots of good outfits over there, you should join one of them on op night and see how they do it.

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