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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
You've proven yourself that there's no alternative to 'anecdoctal' examples.
Okay, so this thread is basically nothing more than your personal opinion on the game's balance and mechanics. Fair enough, though trying to paint it as something objective is disingenuous.

Also, asking me to provide sources and data is dumb, considering I've yet to paint my claims as objective.

Originally Posted by Mietz View Post
Because their effect is cumulative.
Its not like theres only one guy that you 1v1 in this game.
Its "one more thing" you get OHKd by.

Besides explosive OHKs can be prevented with the right equipment, like FLAK armor, which you should be wearing anyways because Nanoweave is even more pointless than it was before now, sniper OHKs can not.

From experience ive yet to consistently die from explosives unless its an LA doing suicide C4 runs because between flak armor and all the healing from medics the damage from explosives is mitigated easier as it comes in smaller chunks.

Also I dont think its really "rage" here.
Sure, but why is the "OSK" part of it significant? The TTK in this game is so incredibly low that there's almost no difference between a one-shot kill and simply being shot to death, in most cases. Even the damage-mitigation weave only increases the number of bullets required to kill you by like one or two shots when fully maxed out. That's not going to save you when the Heavy Assault you didn't know was in the room with you unloads his clip into your back, or when you turn the corner and surprise! there's an NC scatterMAX staring you in the face, etc. It's not like it takes more skill to kill someone at full-auto range than it does from a distance.

I don't see how flak armor mitigating explosives is all that relevant. With that same logic, you shouldn't be bothered by snipers since merely staying indoors or not standing around when outdoors will almost completely nullify a sniper's ability to one-shot you.

Just about everything in the game that can kill you can be mitigated, either by via upgrades or by changing up your play-style.

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