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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Originally Posted by BlaxicanX View Post
The new resource system is pretty lulz. Has anyone else gotten the chance to experience the thrill of organized, platoon-level abusing of the fact that we pretty much have unlimited resources now? At +50 resources per minute, you get back the resources spent buying an MBT in ~5 minutes. So you can basically spawn an MBT or equivelent once every five minutes... forever.

I was playing with HMMRD(sp?) last night, and the Platoon lead had all 48 of us spawn ESF's and air raid enemy zergs 6 times within the space of one hour.
I know right. I feel a resource nerf coming... Either they up the cost of things that use resources, they reduce the amount of resources you get, and/or they increase the tick-rate (amount of time) you get resources.
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