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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Originally Posted by BlaxicanX View Post
Okay, so this thread is basically nothing more than your personal opinion on the game's balance and mechanics. Fair enough, though trying to paint it as something objective is disingenuous.

Also, asking me to provide sources and data is dumb, considering I've yet to paint my claims as objective..
You throw around words like 'source', 'data' and yet can't come up with any example of 'source' or 'data' because you know there aren't any. I didn't come up with those words, you did.

Also, I doubt you have any criteria either for what's 'objective' or not. What's your criteria for being objective or not objective? You will say 'data'/'source'. I ask you for this 'data'/'source'. You can't come up with any. So nobody is objective according to you, including yourself. What's your criteria for being objective?

Lastly, if my thread wasn't clear enough, the numerical order of my examples is the order in which they are implemented in 2014. So, I just put the lanes the last because it's the last to be implemented was the new Ti Alloy lane.
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