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Wow. Just... Wow.

Women tend to make less largely because they tend to take less physically demanding and physically dangerous work, both aspects of a job that add somewhat to pay.
Umm... what? I don't know whether to laugh at you or cry for you. That has absolutely nothing to do with pay gaps. What you described is a kind of job or an attribute to some job. Some jobs are dangerous and some are more physically demanding than others. In no way does that have anything to do with men getting paid more than women... A large part of why women make less money is because they are not forceful enough on the negotiating table where men tend to be more aggressive. Times have changed and the gaps are closing and the pay ranges are generally the same. Where they differ is when you can negotiate your pay. Women are more comfortable with just accepting the pay or being happy they got the job. Men tend to be more confident about their skills and generally want to get paid more for it. In no way does the "type" of work have anything to do with it. The only thing is that certain kinds of work attract certain kinds of people. Pay gaps after that would just come down to the negotiating table.
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